About Us


A Bunch of mad-creative humans obsessed with creating outstanding work. You have got to own it!

We are a group of creative, like-minded people, with a deep knowledge of the industry and a strong desire to be the first and make the best. Founded in 2022, Dyeport LLC, is a global innovator and creator of high-performance hydro-dipped products, gaming controllers. Dyeport is also a leading provider of superior accessories, custom, PlayStation and Xbox One controller for console gaming, PCs, and more. Every one of the products that we offer is Made in the USA. We have always believed there’s a better way to live, after all. So, we’ve pushed the boundaries of innovation to create a better, more connected experience. And we are more than happy today, to have you here as part of this experience.


To provide high-quality hydro-dipped products that are customised to meet the unique needs of our customers. We are dedicated to providing a superior customer experience and creating products that are both innovative and stylish. We are striving to make our customers to be happy with their purchases and come back to us for all their hydro-dipping needs.


You can never be happy until you have some fun times in your life. We at Dyeport are making your personal favourite more vibrant for you to enjoy while using them. All of the products that we customise such as the Xbox One controller are smoothed and primed before being hydro-dipped and then dried fully before they are covered with the final protective layer of lacquer. This prevents the water-transferred designs to stay in place, looking beautiful, and for the designs to look fresh for way longer! These are the things that give people a genuine sense of feeling alive.


The Dyeport PS5 controllers are the latest and greatest in gaming controllers. They are equipped with a highly sensitive thumb stick, two extra buttons and a turbo button that can be configured to different levels. Dyeport PS5 Controllers are a gaming controller that is designed for the best performance and comfort.

The Dyeport PS5 Controllers are a gaming controller that is designed for the best performance and comfort. They offer users an ergonomic design, which makes them easy to use with a wide range of games. They also have an advanced haptic feedback system, which provides gamers with a realistic and immersive experience.

The Dyeport PS5 Controllers are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and models to suit your needs. It is the latest innovation in gaming controllers. Its camera and microphone can be used to take pictures, videos, livestreams and chat with friends while playing games. The device also has a touchpad, so you can use it as an alternative to a mouse or keyboard for some games.

The Dyeport PS5 was designed to help improve the gaming experience for players of all levels, from those who are just beginning to those who are already experienced in the game world. It is a controller that uses AI to help players with their game. The controller is designed to help players improve their skills and have fun while playing.

The Dyeport PS5 has a built-in intelligent system that helps the player learn new skills and improve their game. The system recognizes when the player makes mistakes, and adjusts gameplay accordingly. It has been designed in such a way that it can be used by all types of gamers – casual, professional, or even competitive players. It has been developed with the intention of making gaming more accessible for everyone.

The Dyeport PS5 Controller is a wireless gaming controller that has been designed with the needs of gamers in mind. It has been made to be comfortable and easy to use while also being able to provide a good gaming experience. It is compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. It comes with an internal battery that can last up to 20 hours of gameplay. The controller also comes with a USB charging cable which makes it easier for you to charge the battery on the go.

The Dyeport PS5 Controller is great for playing games like Fortnite, PUBG or Overwatch.