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Check PS5 Controller Battery Charge: PS5 Battery Level on PS5 and PC

Here’s how to maintain track of your PS5 controller battery levels if you don’t want your DualSense to die in the middle of a game.

The PS5 DualSense controller is one of the most popular gaming controllers for both PS5 and PC, but how do you check the PS5 controller battery level?

While the battery is supposed to last roughly 12 hours of gameplay, depending on how much haptic feedback the game demands, knowing how much energy is left in your DualSense is useful. Nobody wants their controller to die in the middle of a game. Being in the middle of a boss fight only to be told that their controller has died and has to be charged is really inconvenient.

So, whether you’re playing on your PlayStation 5 or a PC, here’s all you need to know about monitoring your PS5 controller battery levels.

How to Test the PS5 Controller Battery on a PC

You may link your PS5 controller to your computer. The DualSense controller will be compatible with PCs and gaming clients such as Steam. However, you won’t receive as much haptic sensation as you would on the PS5. Despite this, the DualSense remains an excellent choice for PC gaming, and the battery has the potential to last much longer.

Here’s how to check the battery level on your computer:

One approach is to utilize the DS4Windows program to ensure that you are receiving battery data for your DualSense on your PC. This program enables your controller to communicate with Windows successfully. On the controller screen, under the battery heading, you may check your battery level in the app.

Alternatively, you may attach the PS5 controller to your PC and Windows should identify it immediately. If you’re using Steam, you’ll see a battery indicator logo in the upper right-hand corner. If this symbol is missing, you may access controller settings in the Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon. The battery level of your controller is indicated here.

Checking Your PlayStation Console

Checking your battery level is considerably easier with the DualSense because it is particularly developed for the PS5. To access the Control Center, just press the PlayStation button on your controller. Accessories will be one of the options available at the bottom of the screen. Find more about charging in our latest article with tips for charging your PS5 controller.

At a glance, the accessories display will show you the battery level on your DualSense controller. Your PlayStation will also notify you when your battery is running low, allowing you to prevent any awkward situations. If you connect your controller through USB, it will begin charging. While charging, the battery icon will also animate.