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How to Extend the Life of the DualSense Battery in the PS5 Controller

It may be inconvenient and uncomfortable to have a PS5 controller with limited battery life. You are at the proper spot if you are one of those folks dealing with this problem. We have fantastic solutions for the PS5 controller’s short battery life.

The PS5 controller battery can be losing power rapidly because certain games vibrate a lot, or it might be undercharged. To increase battery life, you may turn off the vibration, and buying a docking station can make it simpler to keep the controller charged.

There has been debate concerning the PS5 controller’s battery life, however, there are certain recommendations you can make to get longer battery life. These will also improve how you play games. So let’s get going!

How Long Does the Battery on a PS5 Controller Last?

A controller’s long battery life is like a godsend. It might be annoying if the battery drains rapidly and you have to keep charging it. Given the PS5’s recent age, one may anticipate a lengthy battery life from its DualSense controller (available on Amazon). It’s also true to a certain degree.

The DualSense controller has a substantially longer battery life than the DualShock 4 controller (also available on Amazon), which may last up to 12 hours. In certain instances, the battery may even last 12+ hours if you don’t play games with a lot of demands on it (up to 15 hours).

A controller’s battery life is influenced by how you use it as well as how the controller was made. The battery life may be impacted by a variety of conditions, making it last less than 12 hours. The PS5 controller’s battery may be depleted far more quickly by certain games than by others.

The PS5 controller’s battery life isn’t the greatest compared to other controllers, but it’s far better than the PS4 controller was.

Why Is the Battery on Your PS5 Controller Dying So Quickly?

Your PS5 controller’s battery life was fantastic at first, but it is currently depleting more quickly than you would anticipate.

There are many potential causes for the PS5 controller’s battery to run out. It can be because you’re using and charging the controller improperly, the controller’s batteries have degraded, or both. Let’s understand more about this problem in depth.

Certain games use more battery.

The battery of the PS5 controller seems to run out sooner in certain games than others. For instance, games that demand pushing several buttons and using numerous vibratory controllers These games put greater strain on the controller than normal, requiring it to use more energy. Battery life is shortened in this manner.

Such games may have an impact on the general health of your controller’s battery if you play them often. The battery life will eventually become worse over time.


Any equipment should never be overcharged, and the PS5 controller is no exception. Long-term damage from overcharging may be done to your controller’s battery life.

It’s only a signal

The PS5 controller sometimes signals that the battery is running low after only six hours. The majority of the time, you should pay attention to these signs, but if you continue to play, the battery will still last you around 10 hours.

This implies that the indication is only giving you the heads-up that it’s time to charge, rather than instructing you to stop and take action right away. Therefore, this signal serves as a form of reminder to “place the controller on the charger after this current session.”

Failure to properly exit

You should shut off your controller when not in use. The battery will run out if you leave it on even while you aren’t using it. Every time you finish using the DualSense controller, be sure to properly unplug it from the PS5 and turn it off.

How can the PS5 controller battery be made to last longer?

Do you need some advice on extending the PS5 controller’s battery life? If so, you are at the proper location. For your controller, we offer some worthwhile advice that will let you play your games uninterrupted.

Neutralize the DualSense

Everything will be refreshed and made smooth once again by resetting the DualSense controller. Additionally, it may lengthen battery life. The controller may be reset by:

The controller is correctly off

On the controller’s rear, near to the Sony logo, is the Reset button.

Press the Reset button with a paperclip or a needle.

Release the button after holding it for 5-7 seconds.

Test the controller’s battery life right away by turning it on.

Turn on the automatic shutoff

Enabling automatic turn-off would be a game-changer for you if you tend to forget to switch off your controller after gaming. Yes, the PS5 controller has a function that allows it to turn off automatically after a certain period of time.

Follow these instructions to enable automated shutdown:

Select System from the settings menu.

Select “Power Saving” from the menu.

Choose “Set time until controllers switch off” and then from the pop-up menu, choose an appropriate time. It provides 10, 30, and 60 minutes. For preserving battery life, 10 minutes would be the optimal duration.

Use an Appropriate Charger

Only chargers produced by PlayStation should be used. Cheap chargers might shorten your controller’s battery life. The PlayStation DualSense Charging Station is available (on Amazon). You may use it to simultaneously charge two controllers.

Reduce the Vibration Intensity and Trigger the Effect Intensity of PS5 Controller

Your controller will use more battery life the more intense the vibration and trigger effect are. Reduce the vibration and trigger effect intensities on your PS5 controller’s settings screen for the best results.

The steps are as follows:

Select Accessories under Settings.

Head over to the Controllers menu.

Choose Trigger Effect Intensity and leave it at weak or unchecked.

Set the vibration intensity to weak or off under Vibration.

You should verify this by altering the settings before playing a game if you like trigger effect intensity. If not, leave it off or set it to a low level.

Last thoughts

You can use your controller whenever you want now that you know how to extend its battery life. Your controller’s battery life may degrade for a number of reasons. Sometimes, the controller has a problem. If so, and if it is still covered by warranty, you may submit it to PlayStation for a repair, and they will investigate the problem for you.