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How to Fix PS5 Controller Battery Drain Problems

The new PlayStation 5 controller is a magnificent piece of equipment with many excellent qualities that contribute to better next-gen games; nevertheless, it has one problem, and that weakness is its battery life. Those who are fortunate enough to know how to stop the PS5 controller battery from draining may buy themselves additional hours of playtime without having to charge the device. Below is a rundown of the most effective strategies for preventing the DualSense batteries from running out too rapidly.

How to Prevent PS5 Controller Batteries From Rapidly Draining

Users should do the following to prevent PS5 controller batteries from rapidly draining:

Check that the most recent DualSense update is installed.

When the DualSense pad is connected, a notification will display onscreen if an update for the controller is available.

Connect a USB-C connection to the controller and update it.

Charge with caution.

Leaving your controller plugged in at all times might be detrimental to battery life.

Consider charging the controller only when it has 25% or less battery life remaining.

Make use of the Rest Mode charging option.

Power may be supplied to the USB ports, allowing accessories such as the DualSense controller to be charged.

Go to Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode > Supply Power to USB Ports > On to enable this.

Reduce the light bar’s brightness.

The light bar brightness can be lowered but not entirely turned off.

Go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Brightness of Controller Indicators > Dim to do this.

To preserve battery life, disable unnecessary functions.

Though these are great controller additions, both Vibration and Adaptive Triggers look to drain a lot of battery power when used regularly.

To turn off vibration, go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Vibration Intensity > Off.

Go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Trigger Effect Intensity > Off to disable the sophisticated trigger mechanism.