Frequently Asked Questions

Hydro-dipping is the process of using water and a specialist film that can cover/ wrap almost every three-dimensional object such as a PlayStation 5 controller. It is like printing, but with a better technique with far better quality. Among many other materials, hardwoods, plastics, glass, and metals are the few materials that one can hydro-dip. The films that one uses to do this are basically layered over water, and then very precisely, the object is dipped in it according to the placement of the design required. These films are available in hundreds of colors and patterns. Most people know this process as hydrographics or even water transfer printing. One can customize almost anything however they like it through hydro dipping.

To answer this simply, we can hydro-dip anything that is dippable. Technically, one can’t hydro-dip anything under the sun. As part of the printing process, before we hydro-dip the items, we submerge and rinse them in water. Hence, if water can ruin or dissolve the object, one can’t hydro-dip it. Also, tough objects are better to apply the film on them. So basically, one cannot hydro-dip pillows, soft toys, cellphones, laptops, notebooks, etc. However, we do hydro dip casings for electronics as well! Case in point the amazing controllers.
Our motto is “we dip anything dippable”!

Before we hydro-dip, we make sure that all of our products are smooth and prime. Afterward, there’s a coat of finisher that we apply at the end of the process. 

First, we hydro-dip all the products, then let them dry fully before we cover them with the final protective layer of lacquer. This prevents the water-transferred designs to stay in place, looking beautiful, and for the designs to look fresh for way longer!

Cleaning your Dyeport hydro-dipped products is simple and similar to how one would clean their car paintwork or how one dusts household objects. You may use clean, soft pieces of cloth to clean your products – you may lightly dampen the cloth, but DO NOT use bleach or any type or corrosive cleaners.
Do not rub hard on the paint, but gently clean it.

Typically, the lifespan for hydro dipping is anywhere between five to fifteen years. Of course, this applies to normal wear and tear. One may scratch it under extreme and abusive circumstances. So we advise you to be careful with your hydro-dipped products such as PlayStation 5 controller as you are with anything that you own.

Yes, we may re-dip the products without much difficulty if it’s necessary or even if one wants something else after use. It does come with a cost, though.

Our Products

Dyeport PS5 controllers let you control your game without taking your hands off the keyboard or mouse. It also has motion tracking, RGB lighting, and a microphone and speaker built in.

The Dyeport PS5 controller is designed to work with any PC or console so it’s easy to get started on your favorite games right away!

Dyeport PS5 controllers are a new generation of controllers that use AI technology to help gamers improve their performance. This new controller can identify the different types of game being played, giving gamers a more personalized experience. In addition to that, it comes with a variety of other features like adaptive controls and custom profiles.

Dyeport PS5 controllers are a new type of controllers that can be used with the PlayStation 4. It is said to be more responsive and easier to handle than the previous models. The Dyeport PS5 controllers are designed to provide gamers with an enhanced experience of playing games. The controller uses haptic feedback, which means that it sends tactile feedback when a button is pressed. This allows players to feel their actions in real time and have better control over their gaming experience.

Dyeport PS5 controllers are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to use. They are also designed with a high-tech design that provides players with an easy and convenient way of playing their favorite games.

The Dyeport PS5 controller is a controller that is designed for the gamer who wants a high-tech design that is easy to use in conjunction with their favorite games. The controller is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable for gamers to play. It also has a high tech design that makes it easy for gamers to navigate through their games without any problems. These controllers are the latest and most advanced gaming controllers. They are compatible with a variety of games and consoles.