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Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a PS4 Pro External Hard Drive onto a Newer Model

Do you have an old PS4 Pro external hard drive that you need to install on the new PS4 Pro? Look no further – this guide will simplify the process of transferring data from your old PS4 Pro external HDD to your new one in just a few easy steps.

Backup Your Old Data

Before transferring your old data, you’ll need to backup all files stored on the old hard drive onto a computer. This will ensure all of your valuable files and game data remain intact. Once the files have been backed up, disconnect the old external hard drive from the PS4 Pro and properly power it down.

Format and Prioritize the New Hard Drive

Now it’s time to get the new external hard drive up and running. Start by connecting the hard drive to your PS4 Pro using a USB cable, then open up the settings menu, select Devices, and choose the USB storage option. From this page you can format, prioritize, and update your new external HDD so that it’s ready for use. After you’ve formatted and prioritized the drive you can transfer any backed up files from your computer to the new external HDD.

Preparing the Original PS4 Pro Console

Before transferring any data to the new external HDD, make sure to back up your original PS4 Pro console on a separate storage device. To do this, go to Settings and select “System”, then choose the ‘Backup and Restore’ option. This will allow you to save all of your settings, including game progress, themes, settings and saved files so that they can be transferred to the new hard drive.

Transferring Data on to the New HDD from the Old Console

To begin the transfer process, connect the new external HDD to your PS4 Pro console through USB-C or USB 3.0 and open “Settings” again. Select “System”, followed by “Backup and Restore”, and select the “Restore PlayStation 4” option. You will then be able to select the USB storage device which contains the backup files you created earlier. After selecting this device, select restore and your data will transfer onto the new hard drive in a few minutes.

Setting Up and Activating the New PS4 Pro Console with a Bluetooth Keyboard or Controller Joystick

After the data transfer is complete you will then need to set up and activate your new PS4 Pro console. You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard or controller joystick using the “Settings” option in your System Menu. Then select “Devices” and select “Bluetooth Devices” to connect either your Keyboard or Joystick. Once connected, you should see an activation code displayed on screen that you can input into your PlayStation Network account online to enable the use of this device.