Shape, form, color, and gestural markings are the building blocks of abstract design, which aims to produce works that don’t try to reflect the world as it really is. “Abstract” literally means’ to remove or separate from anything else,’ therefore the concept is not new.Natural shapes have been greatly simplified or organized in the art that is based on a landscape, item, or person. That might take the form of anything from just gestural marks to geometric figures.

Although the term “abstract” is often used to refer to works of this kind, other artists prefer the phrases “non-objective” or “concrete” to describe their work.

The popularity of abstract paintings in commercial galleries across the world attests to the fact that they have endured the test of time.

For both the artist and the observer, abstract art serves a specific function, and this helps explain why so many people choose to invest in or adorn their homes with such works.

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