Drama Series

Drama Series

The Korean television drama known as the Dyeport Drama series has quickly become a hit all around the world. Because of the program’s widespread appeal, a one-of-a-kind gaming controller that takes its cues from the show itself has been developed. This controller will first be offered for sale in Korea, but there are also plans to offer it for sale in other nations.

Dyeport is a firm that specializes in the creation of individualized game controllers that are modeled by well-known television series. They have recently unveiled their most recent controller, which is named the Drama series controller. It gets its name from a well-known Korean drama series that also goes by the same name. The controller for the Dyeport Drama series has a sophisticated appearance with an ergonomic form and a color palette that consists of black and gold. It has been developed to be used only for the Korean drama series “Drama,” and it has all of the show’s recognisably distinctive characteristics, such as its logo, in addition to allusions to some of the show’s most memorable episodes. The controller was created expressly for this purpose.

Dyeport is a hardware firm that specializes in the creation as well as the production of gaming controllers. One of their most popular controller series is the Drama series, which is inspired by major television shows such as Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. A Kickstarter campaign for the company’s newest controller, the Drama Controller V2, was only just made public. The color pattern of the Drama Controller V2 is inspired by the show Stranger Things, and it is meant to be compatible with games played on Xbox One consoles as well as those played on personal computers. In addition, there are two analogue sticks and two buttons located on the other side of the controller. The team behind Dyeport thinks that this will make it simpler for users to transfer between platforms without requiring them to utilize an adapter or make any adjustments to their settings.

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