Xbox One/Series X | Abstract

New Xbox Abstract controllers are accessible for gamers with physical limitations. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled sensor-laden wireless controller. Although Microsoft designed the Xbox Abstract controllers with those with disabilities in mind, they can be used by anyone to play games on an Xbox 360 or Xbox One without using the standard controller. The controllers are built for those with limited dexterity, having a high number of buttons and an ergonomic layout.

The purpose of the Xbox Abstract controller is to level the playing field for those with physical impairments. The textured surface makes them accessible to persons with limited motor abilities, and they work with both Xbox One and Xbox 360 systems. Microsoft Research, in conjunction with other academic institutions and companies, created the Xbox Abstract controllers. The designers of these controllers have one goal in mind: to make gaming accessible to those who lack typical gamers’ motor abilities or dexterity. Besides a virtual keyboard glove and an autonomous chair that senses when a person is seated, Microsoft Research has been developing various assistive technologies.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is compatible with a special pair of controllers called the Xbox Abstract controllers. They boast a clean and contemporary style in addition to a wealth of useful functions. The Xbox Abstract controllers are ergonomically designed with a large thumbstick for more precision and control. In addition, they have buttons that can be programmed for use with a variety of games. The wireless Xbox Elite controller, which has a more refined D-pad and triggers, is also backwards-compatible with this system. The Xbox Abstract controller lets you play many games with a single device thanks to its detachable paddles. Black, white, and a transparent red are the colour options for these controllers.

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