Avatar Custom Design Original Quick Magnetic Charging Stand Compatible with PS5 Console



  • This PS5 Modded Controller has different MODS like Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, Auto-Aim/Aim Assist, Anti-Recoil, Akimbo, Auto Sprint, Auto Hold Breath, Quick Scope, Auto Scope, Jumpshot, Dropshot, Quick Reload, and more. These controllers work with your favorite games without any risk of getting banned.
  • Magnetic Charging: Able to Quick charge controllers within sufficient time using magnetic charging, the stand is also designed with overcharge protection to prevent overheating & short-circuiting. This is an Original Play Station-5 Controller with Charging stand customized in USA using the HYDROGRAPHIC Painting method also known as Water-Transfer Painting – it brings colors to your normal boring controller. The print is permanent and never fades away or chips off, even after long hours of play.
  • These Modded PS5 Controllers with Charging station come with all Original Accessories and their normal working is not affected by the custom printing on them. Since these are not skins or decals, you need not worry about them peeling off or Chipping off after some time or any wrinkles or bubbles on the surface. These PS5 Controllers will be an outstanding and phenomenal addition to your Gaming Room Decor.
  • You have a chance to make all gamer friends/streamers jealous with these Unique PS5 Controllers and charging stations designed just for you. Dyeport is known for customizing almost all the products available on the market using the most advanced printing technology that is Hydrographic Printing. We believe in serving the best quality experience to our customers by designing products according to their taste.
  • All Controllers are compatible with Play Station-5 Consoles, and PC Windows 10 devices. These controllers are built with an anti-slip and soft-touch design and are wear-resistant. These controllers are wireless and do not require a cable to connect to the console.

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