Holding Custom PS5 Controller Bleach Edition

Check your PS5 controller to see what generation it is!

Sony’s much anticipated PlayStation 5 was just unveiled as its new flagship product. True PlayStation aficionados, of course, instantly brought it home, but something strange is happening. Sony created brand-new controllers for the PS5, but they have already produced fresh iterations of these same controllers so soon after the launch of the new PlayStation. Since there is a lot to take in and comprehend at once, we go into great detail regarding the various PS5 controller generations in this post. Let’s get to the point quickly.

Even though there is a lot to take in at once, the brand-new PS5 controller really comes in two generations. We need to take a step back before we can discuss how this will affect you in more depth since, in reality, how many generations are there? The BDM-010 and BDM-020 are the two distinct iterations of the Sony PS5 controller. The motherboard of the controller is where the two vary from one another. It is essentially where everything leads and where all input is processed; it serves as the controller’s control room. The motherboard of the BDM-020 has a slightly altered layout.

Of course, this is great, but what does it truly mean for those of us who play games on the new PS5? Nearly nothing changes if you only purchase a controller to match with your new PS5 in order to play your favourite games. Both PS5 controller generations work flawlessly and without issue when linked to the PS5 with no technological expertise required. When we begin customising our controller, such as by adding more buttons or using a different controller shell, the differences between the two only become apparent. Since novelty and practicality are clearly essential factors in the gaming industry, many gamers do this. You need to make sure you get accessories for the correct generation of controller. The accessories won’t function if you don’t. For the earlier BDM-010 model, accessories are often simpler to locate.

This is helpful information for anyone looking to customize and enhance their controllers. There is still one crucial topic that we haven’t covered: recognizing. In light of this, how can you tell whether you are working with a BDM-010 or BDM-020 controller model?

This is visible on the controller’s back. You are dealing with a BDM-020 if the centre of the top lines has a little letter A. Otherwise, you are dealing with a BDM-010.

Overall, if you want to modify your controller, it’s crucial to know which controller generation you have.