Tips for Charging Your PS5 Controller

Nothing is more frustrating than having your controller expire in the midst of a challenging game. Don’t allow a dead battery to cost you a multiplayer battle or a boss fight. To keep you in the game, here’s how to charge your PS5 controller.

Use a USB-C to USB-A to connect your PS5 controller to your PS5 or a device plugged into a power outlet to charge it.

Your DualSense controller may be recharged in two different ways. The PS5 console’s included USB cable is required for the first method. Connect the USB port on the front of your PlayStation 5 to the cable coming from the controller’s rear.

DualSense Controller Top for PlayStation 5 With Triggers and USB Type-C Port

Unfortunately, the DualSense controller itself doesn’t include a charging cord if you purchase one and don’t already have a PS5. However, a USB-C to USB-A cable is $7.50 on Amazon. The controller will charge when linked via the cord to any device plugged into a power source.

Making use of a charging dock is the second technique. Since the PlayStation system only has one USB connector on its front, this is a great choice if you own more than one DualSense controller. The DualSense charging station from Sony costs only $30 and is designed to go with your PS5 console’s white plates. The best part is that wires are not required. The controllers have a click-in design that allows them to rest on top of the dock where you can charge them whenever you choose.

How Long Does It Take a PS5 Controller to Charge?

The DualSense controller charges a low battery entirely in around three hours, whether you use a USB connection or a charging dock. You may play games while the controller charges if you’re using the USB cable that came with your PS5 system. However, the charging time may be longer. If you have two controllers and are utilizing a docking station, you may always have one charged and ready to use in case you need it.

Why Won’t My PlayStation 5 Controller Power On or Charge?

Try these troubleshooting suggestions if your DualSense controller isn’t charging or turning on correctly.

Change your USB cord. If a different cable functions properly, the issue was with the first cable. Otherwise, there can be a USB port issue.

If the USB port is blocked, check it. Check your PS5’s USB port with a flashlight to check if anything is lodged there. Any obstruction can be carefully removed with a brush or compressed air.

Use a charging station if you can. Try to charge the PS5 controller on your charging dock if you have one, as cords are prone to failure.

Verify the controller’s firmware is current. When you switch on the console, changes to the firmware will be visible. It’s possible that the controller won’t charge properly in the future if a firmware update has been halted or is corrupted.

Verify whether the controller requires a connector to function. If it doesn’t operate wirelessly, there may be a problem with the battery’s capacity to keep a charge rather than with the cord.

Reset the game console. Push the little reset button on the controller’s back with a tiny object, like a pin, and wait 3 to 5 seconds.

Call the PlayStation customer service line. They might be able to assist you in getting your controller fixed if it is still covered under warranty.

Only When It Is Hooked Into the Console Does My PS5 Controller Charge

Your DualSense controller’s battery levels may have remained the same despite attempts to charge it using a source other than your PS5 system. That’s because Sony recently changed the firmware to only allow devices that are officially affiliated with the brand, like the PS5, to charge the controller. This required switching the PS5’s passive charging method to an active one. The PS5 now depends on the device it is hooked into to identify it and deliver it electricity. Smartphones and other devices that use passive charging have their own voltage regulators to manage the pace of charging as well as the ability to sense when they are plugged in and ready to receive electricity.

However, some customers claim that certain power adapters still allow them to charge their DualSense controller from a wall socket. So you might still be able to do so with a little trial and error.