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Guide to the PS5 DualSense Controller Lights

The PS5 controller (DualSense) is utilized by many gamers that play outside of Sony’s environment since it has adaptable triggers, haptic feedback, and a distinctive physical factor. However, many DualSense customers are complaining that their controller is continually flashing an orange with white light, and they are unsure what this signifies.

PS5 Controller With an Orange and White Light Display

Given the scarcity of PS5 consoles, it’s no surprise that this controller is also used by PC and Mac users. Furthermore, with the most recent firmware changes, you may do it on iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones with ease.

However, using the DualSense outside of a Playstation 5 may be even more perplexing for newbies, since Sony did not take the time to provide a smooth experience for users using their controller outside of their environment.

So, whether you’re using the PS5 DualSense controller on a Playstation or another platform, we thought we’d make things clearer by explaining the numerous reasons why the controller might flash orange.

This tutorial will be divided into two sections, one for when the DualSense Controller is linked to a Playstation and one for when the DualSense Controller is connected to a PC, Mac, or Mobile Device.

1. DualSense Controller Is Linked to a PS5

Sony truly wants you to use this cutting-edge piece of gear by connecting your DualSense controller to a PS5.

Apart from the fact that the connection is more dependable and that you are encouraged to upgrade whenever a new controller version is available, you will see more visible queues than if you connected the same controller to a PC or Mac.

Blue, Red, Green, and Purple Lights Are Circling

This is only visible if your DualSense controller is connected to a Playstation 5 system.

A set of LEDs beneath the touch bar on the PS5 controller display the player number to whom each controller is allocated.

Assume you have four distinct DualSense controllers and are attempting to play a couch co-op game on your PS5. In this scenario, each player will be allocated a distinct color based on their player number:

Blue will be the first player.

Red will be the second player.

Green will be the color of Player 3.

Purple will be the color of Player 4.

Note: Depending on the game, this functionality may be implemented differently when playing online co-op modes. For example, if you’re playing Rocket League online, your controller will show the color of the team you’re playing for. In addition, the color of the team that scored will be shown occasionally on your controller.

Orange Illuminated With White Light

If you’re playing a game on your Playstation 5 system and your controller suddenly changes from the player color (Blue if you’re Player 1) to Orange, it can only indicate one thing: you need to change your controller.

This occurs when your DualSense Controller’s battery runs low. You will receive a visual message on your screen informing you that you must recharge your controller.

Orange Light That Pulses

If you notice an orange light pulsing on your DualSense controller, it might imply one of two things:

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Your Playstation 5 system is about to enter sleep mode. When this happens, both the LED lights on your controller and the real PS5 system will begin to pulsate in the same pattern until the operation is completed. When you enter sleep mode, the light will cease pulsing and remain orange.

Your DualSense Controller is being charged. When you attach your PS5 controller to a power source while it’s actively charging, you may notice a pulsing light. When the charging process is over, the orange LED will cease pulsing and simply turn off. That’s to indicate that the charge is finished.

2. DualSense Is Linked to a Computer, a Mac, or a Mobile Device

When you attach your DualSense controller outside of the PS5, none of the bells and whistles will work (like the adaptive triggers or the haptic feedback). Furthermore, the controller will not have any functionality linked to the lighting system.

Light Orange and White

While connected to a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device, this is the default color scheme for your DualSense controller.

This indicates that the device has successfully connected to the platform on which you are gaming.

However, because you’re outside of Sony’s ecosystem, you won’t be able to use the color scheme features associated with the player number.

To summarize, if you observe the Orange with white light behavior from your DualSense controller, everything is OK. This is the expected behavior of this controller when used outside of the Playstation 5 system.

Outside of the PS5, there is no player color-coding, and PC, Mac, and mobile game creators cannot utilise the lighting system as they can when producing native Playstation 5 games.

PS5 Controller: Blue and White Lightning

When you successfully connect your DualSense controller to a PC, this is the color scheme that will be shown.

Just after you first try to connect your controller to PC, the LED light starts pulsing with a blue light. That is to indicate that it has entered pairing mode.

When the pairing is finished and the controller is successfully attached, the LED light will cease pulsing and remain Blue.

Orange Light That Pulses

The Orange light flickering (it goes on for a few seconds before slowly fading out again) is a characteristic that indicates that the DualSense controller is actively charging. It’s the same like when you attach it to a PS5 system.

This will happen when you connect your controller to a power bank or another power source.

The DualSense PS5 Controller is linked to the Mac, but it is not charging (FIX)

If you recently linked your PS5 controller to a Mac, iPhone, or iPad device using a USB-C cable and observed an orange shade with white light (not blinking), it means the controller is not charging.

This is due to the power management settings that are default on Macs.

You won’t be able to charge your DualSense controller by draining power from your Mac while it’s turned on, which may seem counterintuitive.

To charge the controller, you must either switch off the Mac (while it is attached to a power source) or connect the USB-C connection to a charger with a 5v-2Amp output and plug it into a wall power outlet.