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What Does the PS5 Controller Orange Light Mean, and What Can You Do About It?

Relax, an orange does not always indicate that your controller is broken. Almost everyone believes that the Dual Sense is one of the greatest controllers available, but what does this imply when you see an orange light on a PS5 controller? That’s not the soft blue you’ve come to know and love. But don’t worry. It’s not the same as the PS4’s blue glow of death.

In reality, an orange light on your DualSense controller is totally normal and should not cause you concern. Everything will be explained further down.

What Does the Orange Light on the PS5 Controller Indicate?

There are several reasons why you could notice an orange light on your controller. Depending on whether the light is flashing or not, it might mean one of two reasons.

Orange Light That Is Constant

If you’re playing your PS5 and the light on your controller suddenly changes from blue to orange, it typically means your controller needs to be charged. Normally, this would not surprise you, since you would receive a warning on your TV screen as well.

You may see the orange light if you use your DualSense controller with something other than your PS5, such as while playing computer games. This just signifies that you have connected to the platform on which you are playing.

Orange Light That Blinks

If the light is blinking orange, it means one of two things:

Your console is about to enter Rest Mode. If you’ve already utilized Rest Mode, you may observe an orange blinking light on your console as it prepares to go down. Your DualSense controller performs a similar function.

It might also be an indicator that your controller is still charging. When it is completed charging, the orange light will stop flashing and turn off, indicating that your controller is fully charged.

However, if you notice an orange light at another time, this might signal an issue. Here’s what you can do to try to solve the problem.

What Should You Do If Your PS5 Controller Is Flashing Orange?

If you see an orange light when you aren’t expecting one, it might signal a problem. However, determining the source of the problem is difficult. So, here are the actions we propose for troubleshooting:

To begin, restart your console and controller. We recommend doing a complete shutdown, which includes disconnecting the console from the power source. Unplug it for a minute or so, then plug it back in and turn it back on.

Perform a hard reset on your controller. Turn off the controller and then on again. On the back, you’ll see a little hole. Insert a pin or toothpick into the hole for around 10 seconds. Then restart it to see whether the problem has been addressed.

Connect your DualSense controller to another device if feasible to see whether the light stays. If it functions normally, it may suggest a problem with your PS5 console.

Forget the troublesome DualSense and then reconnect it using a second controller (or the Remote Play app on your phone if you don’t have a second controller). To accomplish this:

Navigate to Bluetooth devices in your Settings.

Locate the unresponsive controller, then choose Options, then Forget Device.

Next, hold down the PS button and the Share button at the same time. This will reset all of the controller’s connections and look for a new one.

Wait until the PS5 controller bar begins to flash.

The controller will now be visible on the list of Bluetooth devices.

Scroll down to it using another PS5 controller and link it with the console.

If nothing seems to be working, we recommend contacting PlayStation Support for more diagnostic assistance. They will be able to discover any additional repairs and, if necessary, advise you on having your controller fixed.