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Why Is the PS5 Overheating and How Can It Be Avoided?

Do you think your PlayStation 5 fan is too loud because the system is overheating? As you play, the PS5 controller warms up naturally, and its high-performance cooling system monitors and maintains the console’s temperature. However, there are a few instances where the cooling system is unable to do so.

Your PS5 may be overheating due to a strained power supply, limited ventilation, or blocked vents. You may avoid this problem by keeping the PS5 in a cool, open place, limiting the amount of time you spend playing graphically demanding games, cleaning its air vents on a regular basis, and opening it up to clean the fan.

Make sure your console does not overheat, since this might degrade its performance and cause irreversible harm. Let’s have a look at how to spot an overheated console, why your PS5 is overheating, how to avoid it, and how to keep it cool in a cabinet.

How Can You Tell If Your PlayStation 5 Is Overheating?

Your PS5 might overheat for a variety of reasons. Dust, lint, hair, and other debris can clog air vents, particularly if the console is kept in a cabinet or compact room with inadequate ventilation and airflow.

Graphically demanding games, such as Elden Ring, need a lot of power and might overheat your system.

There are several symptoms that might help you determine whether your PS5 is overheating, including:

Error Message

On the screen, your PS5 will display the error message “Your PS5 is too hot.” The console will power off automatically after the announcement. If this occurs, you must quickly reduce the temperature of your PS5.

The Fan Is Too Loud

If the fan on your PS5 is excessively loud and sounds like an airplane taking off, your console is overheating. A fan generating odd noises is another typical sign. You may also test the console’s temperature by touching it.

Problems With Performance

If you’re experiencing performance difficulties like sluggish loading times, screen freezes, audio desyncs, screen tearing, and frame drops, you should cool down your console.

Graphical Flaws

Graphical glitches like white dots, black dots, green displays, black screens, or purple screens indicate an overheated PS5.

Why Is Your PS5 Always Overheating?

Your PS5 may be overheating as a result of a game that puts too much strain on the power supply unit (PSU) or because the console’s air vents have become clogged. Let’s examine more closely at why your PS5 continues overheating:

PSU Strain

The power supply unit, as the name implies, provides your PS5 with the energy it need to function. If your power supply is stressed or overworked, your console will overheat and shut off.

Graphically demanding titles, such as Grand Theft Auto V, take a lot of power and put a strain on your PS5, increasing the likelihood of overheating.

Reduced Airflow

To avoid overheating, keep your console in a place with enough ventilation. If the space is too small, hot air from the PS5’s vents will become trapped, and cold air will be unable to reach the console to cool it down.

Vents That Are Clogged

If you don’t clean your console on a regular basis, dust and debris can progressively clog its vents, trapping the hot air emitted when you use your PS5. Keeping the console in a tiny and enclosed place may enhance dust accumulation.

How Can You Prevent Your PS5 From Overheating?

You may avoid overheating your PS5 controller by actively reducing its temperature and keeping it cold. You can accomplish this by attempting any of the remedies listed below:

Place the Console in a Well-ventilated, Open Space

Make sure you store your PS5 in a non-enclosed place. To achieve optimum ventilation, it is critical that your console gets cold air. It is also best to keep it away from a corner or a wall.

Keep Your Console Up Above the Floor.

Because dust is heavy and tends to settle on the floor, keeping your PS5 on any surface higher than the floor will help to minimize dust buildup.

It is preferable to lay your PS5 on a platform made of stone, wood, or marble. It’s also a good idea to utilize a stand if feasible. The OIVO PS5 Stand With Suction Cooling Fan comes highly recommended by us (on Amazon).

Whether you place your PS5 vertically or horizontally, keep the base elevated and the vents pointed back.

Set the Console on a Flat Surface

Keeping your console on a carpet or other soft surface increases the possibility of fibers clogging your PS5’s vents.

It is best to lay the console on a firm surface rather than cover it with a blanket or towel.

Clean Your PS5’s Air Vents on a Regular Basis

Sony recommends using a low-powered vacuum cleaner to clean your PS5’s air vents. A vacuum cleaner will allow you to remove all of the collected trash and dust without disassembling your PS5.

A microfiber cloth is also recommended for cleaning the bigger outside sections of the console, while soft brushes are better for cleaning the interior of your PS5.

Examine Your Games

A certain game may place too much load on the power supply and cause your PlayStation to overheat.

It is preferable to determine whether your console overheats simply when playing a certain game or whether the overheating is a persistent issue.

Try running the game’s disc if you’re using a digital copy, and vice versa.

Examine the Positioning and Location of Your Console

The orientation of your PS5 (horizontal or vertical) should have no effect on its performance. However, if you’ve put your console vertically, lowering the amount of empty space around it, moving it to a horizontal position may assist.

Maintain a Cool and Tidy Environment in Your Room

When operating the PS5, it is preferable to switch on the air conditioner or use a fan. You may also promote air circulation by opening the door or windows.

Remove any other objects that you keep on top of the console, such as clothing, toys, and other such stuff. Allow your dogs to come too near to your PS5, as fur can soon clog the air vents.

Clean the PS5’s Fan by Opening It Up

Even if you set your PS5 controller in a cool, open area, the overheating problem may persist. Changing the configuration may result in loud fan sounds and error warnings.

In this instance, the only thing you can do is open the console and clean the interior thoroughly. Keep in mind, however, that this method may violate your warranty. If you wish to keep the console under warranty, you should take it to a service center or contact Sony’s customer care.

How to Disassemble and Clean Your PS5 Fan

Gather the necessary equipment.

The PS5 is quite simple to open and requires no tools. To remove the fan and clean the dust and dirt from the interior, however, you’ll need:

  • A brush for cleaning
  • T9 or T8 Torx Security Screwdriver (on Amazon)
  • Plastic pry bar
  • One can of compressed air
  • Spudger
  • Tweezers

If you can’t find all of the tools, you can reassemble the PS5 after step 4. The first few steps are quick and simple, and they will keep your PS5 from overheating for quite some time.

If you believe you will be cleaning the fan on a frequent basis, you might consider purchasing a nice tool set, such as this JacobsParts Professional Repair Kit (on Amazon).

Remove the lids.

The PS5 controller design is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to clean the fan as frequently as you desire. Simply pulling the top panel aside reveals the fan, the M.2 SSD expansion bay, and all of the dust! The bottom panel opens in the same way.

After you’ve removed the lids, wipe them with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. To achieve a thorough cleaning, a few drops of isopropyl alcohol are also recommended.

Ensure that the top and bottom air vents are clean.

First, use a cleaning brush to wipe the bottom air vents. Then, using the canned air, remove any dust that may have remained.

Remember to do the same thing with the upper air vents.

Take out the top air vents.

Remove the plastic air vents on the side using your hands.

Take out the fan.

Using a T8 Torx Security Driver, remove the four screws linked to the 120mm fan plate. Then, using your hands, remove the plate.

Using a spudger or plastic pry, remove the plastic near the fan. You’ll be able to see the fan pin connector once you’ve properly removed the plastic.

It is preferable to carefully unhook the fan with tweezers and then lift it up to remove it.

Remove the fan.

With your cleaning brush, remove any dust, rust, or dirt from the fan. Before using a vacuum to conclude the cleaning, make sure you thoroughly clean the top, sides, and rear.

Heatsinks Should Be Cleaned

The heatsinks of the PS5 are positioned inside the fan hole, and they must be cleaned in the same manner as the fan. However, proceed with caution so as not to bend the heatsinks.

Reassemble the PlayStation 5.

Turn on your PS5 controller and reassemble the components in reverse order.

Cleaning the fan should resolve the overheating issue. If the problem persists, it is best to take the console to a service center.

How Can You Keep a PlayStation 5 Cool Inside a Cabinet?

Keeping your PS5 in a cabinet while playing might cause it to overheat. You can, however, shield the console from the worst of the damage if you take the necessary steps.

Here are a few ideas for keeping your PS5 controller cool in a cabinet:

Maintain the console in a vertical posture.

A standing, upright stance might assist your PS5’s air vents to operate better. If you maintain the console horizontally, the exhaust will be unable to function correctly, resulting in frequent overheating.

Make sure there is plenty of clear space in the cabinet.

While it is not recommended to store a PS5 in a cabinet in the first place, the problem can be exacerbated if the console is squeezed between many things.

It’s best to keep your PlayStation on a completely separate shelf with adequate open space on all sides for your system to breathe.

When feasible, keep the console in Rest Mode.

Low-power mode, often known as Rest Mode, is a function that helps to reduce excessive energy usage. When you switch off your PS5 in low-power mode, the system will totally go down. This gives it a break from all high-energy gaming activities and enhances the general health of your console.

Clean the air vents on a regular basis to keep your PS5 free of dust and dirt.

Dust and debris can accumulate and clog the ventilation ports if the vents are not cleaned on a regular basis. To maintain unobstructed airflow, keep your PS5’s air vents clear of any obstructions.

You may simply do this by using a feather duster on a daily basis. While storing your console in a cabinet is not recommended, a little care and attention to detail will help keep your PS5 controller safe and sound.