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Details About The PS5 Pro’s Release

Although the PS5 is a strong device, the PS5 Pro is a promising development for players seeking even more performance from their consoles. We adore the PS5 controller, but contrary to what Sony claimed, it is not always a 4K resolution, 60 frames per second device. But most games only let us pick between smoother 60-frames-per-second gameplay or full 4K resolution.

Our TVs should be able to support real 4K 60FPS gaming with the PS5 Pro. We have a winning formula when we combine it with HDR and some excellent visuals from contemporary Sony exclusives. Although I’ve seen the greener gaming pastures of high frame-rate gaming on PC, I’m not dissatisfied with the performance of the standard PS5, and I can’t wait to play PS5-exclusive titles at a higher frame rate.

Additionally, the need for a powerful PS5 controller was evident right away. According to rumors, Sony will release the PS5 and PS5 Pro simultaneously to appeal to both casual and competitive players. However, the PS5 was only available in the Digital-Only and Disk variants.

Date of PS5 Pro Release

The PlayStation 5 Pro will reportedly be released by Sony a few months after the PS5 Slim. At least with the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro from the previous generation, such was the case. We don’t have a lot of experience with Sony offering mid-generation updates, unlike the Slim version. A PS3 Pro, PS2 Pro, or PS One Pro never existed.

In 2013, the PS4 was introduced, and in 2016, the PS4 Pro variant was made available. According to their past releases, the PS5 Pro should be available in late 2023 or early 2024.

PS5 Positive Speculation

The Polish website PPE recently captured a TLC occurrence on camera. The popular TV brand TCL is gaining popularity for its reasonably priced yet technologically advanced TVs. They show the new PS5 Pro and Xbox Series consoles in the photographs, which also highlight TCL’s aspirations. The photographs indicate that Sony may release the system in 2023 or 2024.

Naturally, TCL and Sony don’t have any formal TV partnerships. Sony manufactures its TVs, therefore a partnership with a largely Chinese-owned company seems improbable. There is a good likelihood that TCL is making similar predictions regarding the mid-generation console upgrade. However, their estimate appears to agree with ours.

Should We Buy A PS5 Pro?

Many contend that a PS5 Pro would not only be difficult to manufacture but also would not be commercially viable. The PS5 controller Pro is still a ways off from release, according to a superb study of the present state of the world’s affairs done by the folks at Digital Foundry.

The world’s chip deficit is improving. Obtaining a decent GPU is difficult even now because of scalpers. Both Sony and Xbox build their own AMD Zen 2 processors and graphics cards for their consoles. If any pandemic supply chain problems are still present, we should soon have a reliable supply of consoles and other devices.

Having said that, the PS5 Pro is anticipated to include a GPU that is comparable to the RX7700XT. Although not yet available, this AMD GPU is anticipated to go on sale later in 2022. In this aspect, the TCL leak has been successful, and we now have a few scraps of knowledge.

Speaking of the RX7700XT, TechPowerUp reports that the GPU will include 4096 shading units, 8 GB of GDDR6 RAM, a 128-bit memory bus, and a clock speed of 1800 MHz. Although the specs appear to be excellent, we won’t know for sure until the GPU is made available later in 2022.

According to the TCL leak, the PlayStation 5 Pro will be able to achieve 2160p (or 4K) quality at 120 frames per second. Additionally, it will handle 8K at 120 frames per second. These are bold claims, but it will be difficult to believe them until we actually see games operating at these frame rates and resolutions.

PS5 Pro Features to Expect

To qualify as “Pro,” PS5 Pro features must be more potent and robust than those of the standard PS5 controller.

Resolution and Framerate: It must offer gaming at least at full 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Even if checkerboarding has improved, we still prefer a native 4K output for video games. Sony may pleasantly surprise us by offering 120 FPS at 4K, but it is simply our wishful thinking and avarice.

RDNA 3: There may be some concern about the Navi 3 graphics’ console compatibility with a PS5 Pro if it uses AMD’s RDNA 3 GPU cores. We expect the introduction of the graphic cards to occur later in 2022, maybe as early as October. The GPUs are produced using a 5nm technology, which offers better power while using less energy. We need to observe how effectively the cards function, and perhaps Sony is keeping a close eye on things as well.

Previous generation consoles were constrained by their weak CPU performance. AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 CPU. For coders, the new generation is rather liberating. But the PS5 Pro could use a little more of that flexibility. According to a recent announcement, the AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 series will go on sale on September 27, 2022. Additionally, they have a 5nm manufacturing process, DDR5 memory controllers, and a PCIe 5.0 interface.

Additionally, they feature generational increases of 29% in single-threaded work, 28% in performance per watt, and 45% in multi-threaded tasks. The CPUs will therefore be extremely powerful.

Sony often incorporates unique AMD chips into their devices, but such chips are frequently modeled off of already-released or prototype technology. If Sony follows precedent, the new custom AMD CPUs utilized in the PS5 Pro will undergo some significant enhancements.

Improved SSD: The SSD in the PS5 is already rather fast. Games now load more quickly and, in some cases, nearly instantly, like in the case of Spiderman: Miles Morales. Developers are not fully using the PS5’s insanely fast SSD. Only a few titles, like Final Fantasy VII Remake, effectively made use of the increased reading rates. The PS5 Pro must feature more capacity than the approximately 800 GB present on the PS5, or at the very least, a speedier SSD.

PS5 Pro Cost

The unknown is the PlayStation 5 Pro. The most crucial thing is that we don’t know its specifications; we don’t know how it will seem or how large it will be. Estimating the price is difficult because the specs are unknown. What we can do is predict how much more expensive the PS5 controller pro will be by comparing it to the previous console generation.

The initial cost of the PS4 was $399, €399, or £349. Three years later, at the same price, Sony released the PS4 Pro. Sony also lowered the cost of the first PS4 to appeal to gamers on a tighter budget.

On the other hand, the pricing of the PS5 at launch was $399 / €399 / £359 for the digital-only model and $499 / €499 / £449 for the normal disk edition.

Sony has raised the price of the PS5 by $50, or its equivalent in some locations. The following areas are those where you may feel the rise:

  • Europe prices for the PS5 are €549.99 and €449.99, respectively.
  • UK price for PS5 is £479.99; the digital version is £389.99.
  • In Japan, the price of the PS5 is $60,478 yen and the price of the PS5 Digital Edition is $48,478 yen as of September 15, 2022.
  • PS5 costs 4,299 Yuan in China, while the digital version costs 3,499 Yuan.
  • Australia prices the PS5 at $799.95 and the digital version at $649.95.
  • Mexico prices the PS5 at MXN $14,999 and the digital version at MXN $12,499
  • PS5 costs $649.99 in Canada, and the digital version costs $519.99.

Sony cited inflation as the cause of the price rise. The prices of their rivals, the Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch, remained unchanged. The prices in the USA will not change, although they might do so in the future.

Therefore, if Sony wants to stick to history, we may expect them to release the PS5 Pro at $549/€549/£549 as well. It is difficult to agree on a figure at this time due to uncertainty and unpredictable inflation.

Sony might potentially pull off the unthinkable and significantly improve the mid-generation upgrade while simultaneously raising the price. In exchange for a better, more potent system, the fans have been requesting that Sony raise the price.

Would consumers accept a higher price if it meant receiving a console with significantly greater power? They’ve reacted well to smartphones making this step, so there’s a good possibility they’ll accept the adjustment.


The focus of Sony’s upcoming major event will be the PSVR 2. We can’t wait to play with that piece of equipment since it is actually exciting. Then what? We’re hoping they at least reveal the PS5 Slim or, even better, the PS5 controller Pro.

The TCL leak seems too good to be true, and they are presumably making assumptions regarding the console’s basic visual output. 120 frames per second and 4K gaming? That would be the ideal situation, but because of technical constraints, even the most powerful PCs can’t reach such figures. What chance does a fixed-price console have?

But all of our questions will be resolved by Christmas 2023 or the beginning of 2024. Check out the top PS5 exclusive games and the top PS Plus Extra games in the meantime and also our best games PlayStation 5 controllers. We’ll keep an eye and ear out for any PS5 Pro-related news.