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Sony Unveils DualSense Edge and the Official PS5 Pro Controller

A highly customizable official PS5 Pro controller called the DualSense Edge has been unveiled by Sony. You may customize the gadget to meet your needs, as you might anticipate from a Pro pad. You may adjust things like stick dead zones and reconfigure or disable inputs. Additionally, you may switch between different control profiles that you’ve saved.

This pad does really sound quite customizable. You can manually shorten the triggers’ travel distance for quicker inputs in competitive first-person shooter games or shorten the dead zone for precise throttle control in racing games, according to the PS Blog, which explains that “each trigger is adjustable with options to tailor travel distance and dead zones to your preference.” You will be able to switch instantly between all of your pre-configured options, as we already described.

Additionally, you can rapidly adjust the settings to your preferences thanks to a dedicated Function button. This includes having access to the controller profile settings panel to configure and test new control iterations while playing, as well as being able to “alter game loudness and conversation balance.” Really cool!

The PS5 controller will have three different swappable stick caps (normal, high dome, and low dome), but you’ll also be able to replace the entire analog stick module, which is one thing that’s worth mentioning. This implies you won’t need to replace the controller if you do suffer any analog stick drift because you can change the complete compartment.

Additionally, the pad will have back paddles that you may link to any button of your choice. The two configurations included in the package cover half-dome and lever. And just like the analog sticks, you can switch out the parts here. Read more about the controller’s features.

Regarding the controller’s more tangible components, it will include a carrying case and a braided USB-C charging cord. You undoubtedly want to know how much this will cost, but Sony hasn’t yet released that information. Sony will announce a release date “in the months ahead,” it states. It is safe to expect that this pad will debut either during the holidays or in 2023.